Agro-Tourism-Prospects, Possibilities and Challenges in India

  • Dr. Sarvagya Shukla Department of Commerce, B.N.D. College Kanpur U.P.


The purpose of this paper is to develop a conceptual understanding of agro tourism and its applicability in Indian Tourism industry. The paper also highlights the prospects and possibilities in the field of agro tourism in India. The major challenges which lie ahead for this industry are also discussed and suggestions are provided to overcome the challenges. The research design is exploratory in nature. The approach of the paper is to develop an in-depth understanding of agro tourism industry. Models such as Product Life Cycle and Kilter’s 5 levels of product are molded to suit the objective. For better understanding of agro tourism industry, a SWOT analysis has been carried out on agro tourism industry to highlight the major benefits which this segment can provide and challenges which lie ahead in its course. Several destinations have been highlighted which are doing well in terms of agro tourism in different states in the country. The study highlighted that agro tourism has huge potential in uplifting the socio-economic level of people in rural area. Because of the nature of Indian economy, this segment can be easily accommodated in the diverse product portfolio of Indian tourism industry. The study suggests that agro tourism industry is still under developed. The products offered are basic in nature and just meet the expectation of tourist. Tourists have high aspirations and their satisfaction level could be increased by adding value to the product offerings. This would help industry in cementing its position in the industry. The various challenges need to be addressed properly. The possibilities suggested in this paper will help all the stakeholders in agro tourism industry. The limitations identified act as challenges for the policy makers which are needed to be readdressed with a change in strategies.

Key Words: Agro tourism, Expected product, SWOT, ATC.


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