Entrepreneurship Development in India

  • Dr. Smita Kumari Department of Commerce, B.N.D. College, Kanpur U.P


Entrepreneurial ventures are considered as the engines for the development of economy and nation. Entrepreneurs shape economic destiny of nations by creating prosperity and employment, contribution in national income, rural development, export promotion, providing product and services and paid taxes to government so that closely affiliated to economic growth of India. In India various programmed and schemes have been taken by the government from time to time for entrepreneurship development in India. In spite of several initiatives taken by the government, entrepreneurs have to face some problems like technical knowledge, shortage of funds, management skills, resources and infrastructures awareness about entrepreneurship schemes and regulatory framework. This paper attempt to focus on problems faced by entrepreneurs and discusses the approach and strategies of promoting entrepreneurship in India through training and education.


Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Government Schemes, Entrepreneurs, Economic Development


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