Prospects of Hospitality and Tourism in Rural Areas: A Case Study on Amethi

  • Dr. S.K. Mishra Department of Commerce, Harsahay P.G. College, Kanpur U.P.


Hospitality industry plays a tremendous role in service sector which involve Restaurant, lodging, transportation, theme parking in service sector etc. The hospitality industry and tourism is only which valued in billion dollars but in Amethi and other nearby rural areas has huge opportunity which still not focused and utilized. Amethi involve huge number of populations and purchasing power but due to lack of awareness and unavailability this market is not covered. Still the people think 100 times before visiting Amethi and other areas like where I will stay, how we will manage food, and accommodation etc. Since last 10 years hospitality sectors are growing with very higher rate in India but still gap are there due to ignorance of rural areas which creating hindrance of its expected development. Amethi is a famous district in all over the India due to playing prominent role in Indian politics but if we talk about the availability and growth of hospitalities and transportation facility, in this case it is very behind.


Key Words: Food, Accommodation, Restaurant.


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