The Importance of Early Childhood Education for a Sustainable Society: A Sociological Analysis

  • Dr. Seema Agnihotri Department of Commerce, B.N.D. College, Kanpur U.P.


The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. One of the effective way to construct a sustainable society is to pay attention to early childhood: to ensure adequate care and development for all children and to teach them the kinds of knowledge, skills and values – such as empathy, sharing, respect for others, love for nature – that promote sustainability from a very early age. The importance of the first years of a human being in constructing the basis of the personality, the values and attitudes that will guide thoughts, feelings and behaviour of human beings for the rest of their life. The children are very sensitive, interested and curious about the elements of nature, early childhood education, from its early beginning, should include in the programme creative experiences and exploratory activities with elements such as plants, flowers, seeds, water, fire and wind. Recently, teachers and children in education and care centres have been discussing and observing environmental problems. They are emotionally touched by, and intellectually interested in it. It is necessary that the government and politicians acknowledge the importance of early education in building up a sustainable society. The United Nations, international organizations and national governments have been obtaining good results in creating a consciousness about the seriousness of the problems that are placing life on our planet at risk. People are becoming more sensitive to the dangers threatening the environment. However, they have not realized that childhood is a privileged time to create a new attitude of care, respect and sustainability of life on our planet. The aim of this paper is to analyse the importance of early childhood education for a sustainable society.


Keywords: Childhood Education, Sustainable Society, knowledge, skills


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