Science and Technology: Where do Women Stand?

  • Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh Department of Commerce, L.B.S. P.G. College, Gonda UP.


Women’s empowerment means equality of women with men. It’s about giving women the equal freedom to make their own choices without judgment. Women’s empowerment means allowing them to live life on their own terms, to take their own decisions, making them independent in all aspects from mind, thought, right, decisions etc. leaving all social and family limitations.  Women’s empowerment and women education are highly correlated. Empowerment of women will occur only women are educated, efficient, better in found, financially independent and allowed to take rational decisions. Their awareness is very important not for themselves but also for bright future of family, society or country. It is very important to promote their participation in all areas and sectors for stronger economics, better quality of life and gender equality.


Key words : STEM, Stereotype, Biological clock, OECO countries ISRO


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