Woman Empowerment and Socio-Economic Development

  • Mrs. Roopa Mehra Mascot Group of Institutions Bareilly U.P.


The progress of a nation primarily depends upon its social and economic development. Holistic socio-economic development is possible only when all the segments of the society are capable and empowered to contribute in its social and economic activities. Historically patriarchy has prevailed in most places and the fair gender could not get equal opportunity to realize its potential. Hence it has become imperative and utmost necessary that half of the world’s population is facilitated to enhance its capacity and get freedom to make its own choices, so that they can optimally contribute in development. Woman empowerment will also solve many global problems created due to our own greed as women are more sensitive by nature.


KEY-WORDS Empowerment, Socio-economic Development, Capacity Building, Decision Making, Self Help Group, Leadership


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