A study on Emotional Marketing Practices

  • Dr. Rahul Bishen Department of B.B.A. M.L.K. P.G. College, Balrampur U.P.


The growing competition in within the product and service market has made it challenging for marketers to entice and retain customer loyalty for even small retro of time. Earlier, the emphasis was on the old 4P marketing where the tangible benefits of product and services were encouraged. Some marketers assumed that only by providing value added products to the customers their product and service will be able to close the deal, but they miscarried dejectedly every time. So now they needed to change their focus. The focus now is to grasp customers’ inner emotion through promotion of that product or service. The competitors, in this cut-throat competition, find it difficult to position & differentiate their product based only on attributes. Recent studies have shown that the purchasing varieties and judgments of customers are the effect of a vigilant study of workable and also emotional aspects. Emotions play a key role in any kind of purchasing behavior. The emotions attached with the product are revealed in verbal, facial and textual expressions, through various medium. Nowadays, the emotional marketing is an innovative concept of marketing emerging in the market. It studies how to stimulate emotions in people to successfully influence their purchasing decisions as well as brand- loyalty. Rational marketing focuses on generating brand-loyalty by effective product traits, while emotional marketing concentrates on sentimental traits. There is always an affirmative relationship among emotional branding with obtaining behavior and retention of customers. Marketing is in general goal-oriented and intentions at establishing a bond with the audience in order to create an emotional influence on the consumers by means of transmitting information bearing emotional content. Therefore, marketers are always involved in understanding the key emotions that make audience connect with the product. They are employing more and more focus on emotional advertising clips, effective emotional, more emotional images related to products and to create self- identification elements. Emotional marketing focuses to buy a share of the heart, making the impact long lasting enough. Positive emotional appeals generate interest in the advertisements and manage to improve brand recall scores for the long time.


Keywords Marketing, study, customers, Emotional Marketing


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