Theoretical Perspective of Woman Empowerment

  • Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh India.


Women Empowerment refers to strengthening the social, economic and educational powers of women. It refers to an environment where there is no gender bias and have equal rights in family, community, society and workplaces. Women population is around 50% of the total population of the world. They have every right to be treated equally with men in every spheres of life and society. The empowerment of women would result in overall development of society both at micro and macro level. Active participation of women in economic activities and decisions, would contribute towards overall economic development. It is accepted that inherent superiority complex among the males, preference for male-child in our society and predefined gender bias structure of Indian social system are some of major challenges in the way of women empowerment. Gender bias is an endless debate so it’s the time to awake woman to understand self to start the journey of women empowerment in its true sense. Understanding self is ‘How we perceive ourselves? What we feel about ourselves? And the way we would like to be’. Self-concept is an understanding of who you are as a person. But that’s not all there is to the question of ‘Who am I?’ Understanding what your motives are when you act is called self-understanding. It is often linked to self-concept. But what exactly goes into a person’s self-concept? There are many aspects of self that can make up ‘who am I’ and what I believe myself to be. Among them are: the physical self, the social self, the competent self and the inner self, also sometimes called the psychological self, is made up of the feelings and thoughts that a person has deep inside. It is evident that women who ‘know who they are’ are more likely to feel empowered and create positive changes in their environment.


Keywords: Human Resource Management, Challenges, Digital Era


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