The Impact E-banking: Online Transactions and Security Measures

  • Dr. Rachana Priyadarshini Guest lecturer Govt. Women`s polytechnic Muzaffarpur


This study presents the technology involved in the more important payment systems currently available to internet users. As the field is undergoing a major upheaval by changing the traditional banking services, e-commerce is facilitating change in recent years. These programs in-returns have shown lucrative growth in internet businesses and capital generation. Transactions on an international scale are the mark of highly demanding businesses with a global consumer base. Banks around the world provide their banking services online though electronic channels, one of the most widely used is the internet channel. Many people avail internet banking services which is convenient in this day and age. On-line banking platforms allow consumers to manage their accounts globally and at their convenience. The internet banking services have to be at top level of security and risk free in order to be trusted by customers. In this study the attack models have been explained and the top risks factors that the internet banking services come to face and applications have been discussed. This study deals with experimental models that can be applied to curb cybercrime attacks and make the internet banking applications more secure to the consumer strata.

Key words : Bank, On-line, Transactions, Electronic channels, E-commerce.


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