Environmental Challenges and Human Health

  • Dr. Shalini Department of English Govt. Girls P.G College, Hamirpur Uttar Pradesh


The present paper discuss about environmental challenges and its effect on human health, today which is broad range problem. Environmental pollution is a broad-reaching trouble and it is expected to run the health of human populations is enormous. The present paper provides the imminent image on the subject of the effect of environment pollution in human health. Environmental pollution spoils air, water, land, soil. It enhances different types of disease and it is tremendously harmful for us as well as animals, plants and also trees. Due to environmental pollution water, soil, and air are dangerous and unhealthy for human health. The paper tries to emphasize the health challenges that the coming generations might face if corrective actions are not taken in time. The challenge is also been made to come up with several suggestions that can help in great effort the pollution levels and make our earth a happy and healthy place to live. In this present paper we study on the subject of what is the effect of environmental pollution for human health? What are the challenges of environmental pollution for which reason our atmosphere become polluted? And at last we study what are the remedies from which our atmosphere will free from pollution? Through this study we can get specify information about our environment.


Keywords: Environment, Pollution, Health Challenges


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