Journal of Public Policy & Environmental Management is deliberately inter-disciplinary, seeking to publish articles that build the understanding of environmental issues not only by drawing upon and contributing to the environmental social sciences, but also by linking the social and natural sciences. The journal accommodates and encourages methodological innovation and diversity in order to foster interdisciplinary, problem-oriented environmental research. All manuscripts and special issues are reviewed by an international panel of referees, with an aim of returning constructive comments on submitted manuscripts in a timely way. Papers submitted should address Policies and related Environmental Management issues using a range of techniques e.g. case studies, observational and theoretical analyses, the application of science, engineering and technology to questions of environmental concern or mathematical and computer modeling techniques with the aim of informing both the researcher and practitioner.

Focus and Scope Covers:

  • Resource quality, quantity and sustainability
  • Economics of environmental management
  • Spill prevention and management
  • Process modification for pollution prevention
  • Environmental politics, planning and law,
  • Environmental economics, Sustainable development.
  • Ecological economics, Environmental assessment and management,
  • Disaster Prevention and Management
  • Climate Change Strategies and Management
  • Energy Sector Management
  •  Public Leadership and Public Sector Management
  • Management of Environmental Quality