A Study on Employee Attrition in Star Category Hotels in Dehradun District

  • Dr. Manoj Verma Vidya Mandir Degree College, Kaimganj Farrukkabad U.P.


The hotel industry in Dehradun has been evolving since long. The competition in the industry is fierce and every brand is putting their best foot forward by providing “Service par Excellence” to their guests. This is where the hospitality sector differentiates itself from others. Hotel industry is a part of Service industry and is characterized by the intangible nature of its product i.e. “Service”. Unlike the tangible products produced by other industries, the quality of “Service” cannot be standardized through machines because there is a Human factor that is involved in producing & consuming of service. It is a well-known fact that competition for the survival in the industry has been getting tougher with every passing year and the fact of the matter is that industry is still gradually growing at a constant rate of about 15 percent per annum.


Keywords: Attrition, Hotel Industry, Stress, Training, Challenges


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