An Overview of Mobile Commerce in India

  • Dr. Parul Mishra Department of Education, N.A.K.P. P.G. College, Farrukkabad U.P.


Mobile commerce or M-Commerce refers to the new way of conducting business using mobile device, it is an augmented form of electronic commerce. It is the next generation wireless e-commerce that needs no wire and plug-in devices. Now a day, it has become more popular amongst various sections of the society. The need for mobility seems to be a primary reason behind M-Commerce applications such as Mobile Banking, Mobile Entertainment and Mobile Marketing etc. All companies which are using e-commerce are gradually shifting to M-commerce which is a modern technology. The m-commerce industry is predicted to have huge growth, and we are now experiencing the new wave of m-commerce born out of consumer expectations and convenience. Use of mobile phone has increased so much that it is not just a device to make calls, but an important medium to fulfill all the financial needs for friends and family. Now, mobile phone technology has made another leapfrog to pave its way for a new trend called mobile commerce where the financial transactions are made using mobile devices. An attempt is made to study various aspects of m-commerce in terms of its issues and challenges faced by consumers.


Keywords: M-Commerce, Electronic Commerce, Technology, Mobile Devices.


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