The Origin and Evolution of the Mughlai Cuisine in North India

  • Dr. Saffruzama Mohd Masood Degree College, Mangrwan Azamgarh U.P.


Food, the indispensable element required for survival, has moved in ways concomitant with how human civilization has advanced, evolved and changed. In the midst of the many social and cultural indices marking one’s society, studies on culinary practices and consumption patterns have enabled a deeper insight into the socioeconomic climate, political turmoil, and gauge the balance between tradition and modernity of civilizations and nations. This paper, offers fascinating intertwined accounts of distinctive Mughlai cuisine of India embroiled with cultural musings and its people, of how the food practices mark the Mughlai Cuisine different from the other cuisines of India and world. Underlining the history, geography and politics of food, this paper presents a condensed historical trajectory of how the Mughlai cuisine came into being and what stirs the soul of the Mughlai  gastronomical delights in the present scenario.


Keywords: Mughlai Cuisine, Central Asia, North India, Local Ingredients


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