Impact of Social Networking Sites on Youths

  • Dr. K.K. Singh Department of Commerce, M.L.K. P.G. College, Balrampur U.P.


Social media are now rapidly become the popular components of our everyday and social lives in today’s globalizing society. These site are providing context where people across the world can communicate, exchange messages, share knowledge, and interact with each other regardless of the distance that separates them. That’s why, now-a-days people all over the world spend more time on social media than on any other activity on the Internet and when we go across the differentiation on the basis of age, we get to the conclusion that the young people are quite ahead of their demographic relatives. Hence it is obvious that the social networking site affect young people more than any other mass media activity. In India the young people who have access to the Social Networking Sites are undergoing a huge change in terms of their media behavior.  This paper attempts to investigate the impact of of the social networking sites on the youths.


Kewords - Social Networking, young people, Internet, Social media


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