Digital India: Empowering to Rural Economy

  • Dr. Neha Mahajan Department of Management PIMT College, Alour Khanna Punjab.


Digital connectivity is a basic amenity today. Certainly this thought is behind the Governments Digital India programme that aims to expand the digital infrastructure to connect the entire country and provide a digital platform for banking, governance, healthcare and educations services. Rural Indians will welcome these digital inclusion efforts. Rural Indians have been getting online in increasing numbers, and are expected to catch up with urban India by 2020. According to analyst the Digital India plan could boost GDP up to 1 trillion dollar by 2025. Digitalization is also empowers women in rural India especially when concerted efforts are made to equip them to come online in large numbers. Achieving full connectivity, intensity in skills development and encouraging more rural business to maximise the digital opportunity already in existence will enable rural communications to achieve their full economic potential. Although creating an awareness in rural society regarding to this scheme, high level of digital illiteracy, Connectivity to every village and inaccessibility of digital infrastructure are some biggest challenges for success of digital India programme.


Kewords – connectivity, Educations, Digital India, Rural Economy


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